All volunteers 18 and older must apply for PA state Child Abuse and state Police Criminal History Background checks.  Volunteers who have not resided in PA for the last 10 years (service code 1KG6ZJ) must also get an FBI check that involves fingerprinting.  AYSC will reimburse the cost ($27.50) of this check with submission of a valid receipt. Those who have resided in PA for the last 10 years must fill out this form and submit to AYSC. Unfortunately, these checks are the byproduct of the society we live in, and our intended by legislators to keep kids safe (you may visit the state website).

These checks are good for 5 years:

  • They are portable, which means they may be used for other volunteer youth activities (other sports, scouting, dance, theater, etc) in which you might be engaged (they are now required for all of these activities)

  • We only need a copy; you retain your originals. Records will be maintained only by the the AYSC club President

  • We will accept copies of existing, valid certification and coaching licenses you might already hold (from teaching, healthcare, etc)

  • It will only cost you a little time (we reimburse you)

    • The FBI check costs $27.50 and requires you to visit a local site (UPS store on Lehigh St) for fingerprinting. AYSC will reimburse the $27.50. Please email your receipt.

If you have lived in PA for the past 10 years, you do not need the FBI check, but you must download, sign, and submit to the AYSC President which we will keep on file with your child abuse and state police clearance copies.