IM Coaches Needed

If you can bring a friend with you, it would really help. Without the high school-age coaches (who will be busy with their own soccer) we are expecting to cut off registration to fit the number of you who can coach them. So naturally, with more hands we can together serve more kids.

If you don't feel up to coaching, but want to help in some other way, such as with coordinating volunteers or equipment, please let me know what you have in mind.

This being a new "soccer year", all coaches will need to refresh their Risk Management. If you just did the Concussion training last spring, that will do for this year. 

We have renovated our website, and I'd like you to visit the Coaches' Corner section at, where you will find the link for both RM and Concussion. 

You will notice an Intramural section on the homepage with the info I provided above, as well as sections relating to our other programming (if you're interested). You may download materials to register your child early in these sections.

If you are interested in getting your child on a team and still haven't heard about it, go to the Summer Coaching Contacts and look up the coach for your child's age group. Please hurry on this one, as the deadline is approaching.

Also, please "like" us on Facebook. That's where we've been putting pictures, as well as breaking news. Thanks for considering joining us again. Please RSVP to Jeff, Katie, or Megan.