Coaches Corner

All coaches are required to take "Heads Up Concussion" training.  The training is online.  Please print out the certificate that is provided at the end of the training and give it to one of the AYSC board members.

Additionally, all coaches need to fill out a Risk Management Form annually. 

For the Intramural program here is some recommended training: 

First week: KellyTrainingWk1.pdf OR JaiminTrainingWk1.pdf

Second Week: KellyTrainingWk2 part1.pdf and KellyTrainingWk2 part2.pdf OR JaiminTrainingWk2.pdf

Third Week: KellyTrainingWk3_Part1.pdf, KellyTrainingWk3_Part2.pdf and TBD OR Jamin_practice_week3.pdf

Fourth Week: KellyTrainingWk4_part1.pdf and KellyTrainingWk4_part2.pdf OR Jamin_practice_week4.pdf

Fifth Week: TBD OR Jamin_practice_week5.pdf

Sixth Week: KellyTrainingWk6.pdf